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Launched in late 2007, ShoutDRIVE has grown to a full-featured site for dance music fans, including a free audio stream, discussion, live chat, downloads and more.

There are many types of dance music and many definitions of what dance music is. ShoutDRIVE plays dance music with melody, groove and some type of hook. Vocals, instrumentals, current and classic, pure dance and a few pop hits that have quality remixes, big hits and some tracks you may not have heard for awhile. We avoid cheese at all costs (because cheese is for eating, not listening!) And we have a team of mix DJs from across the U.S. and beyond.

ShoutDRIVE is based in Los Angeles, is independently owned and operated, and is fully compliant with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and SoundExchange.

What dance music fans are saying

DaShaun Carter aka Javaslave (via chat)
"It sounds great (the mobile stream,) and the stream is the best one on my phone, least rebuffers. I've listened to 1dance.fm, c895worldwide.com on my phone as well."

Randy A. (via chat)
"I don't know who's on air right now, but I'm driving and really liking this!"

Twobelowzero (via chat)
"We have been listening to internet radio here since 1997 and this is by far one of the best stations."

Wrance (via email)
"Been trawling the net for the last 24 hours for a hot internet dance station, and I found you! ShoutDRIVE is way better than anything I have heard recently from New York, Paris, Berlin, London etc (everywhere else on the net). LOVE THE TRACKS, you've been playing so far, will probably be listening all day and all night. Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia"

Dan H. (via email)
"Just came across your station on Tuesday. Unbelievable! You guys rock – this is what I’ve been looking for... Keep up the great work and I’ve been telling all my co-workers and friends about your station. Your music is what gets me through the day."

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Alan Freed, Program Director:

Mark Mutti: Partner & Systems Director:

Postal address
7119 W Sunset Blvd. #122,
Los Angeles CA 90046
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Join in on our live chat room through our web player.
If you care to use your own IRC client to connect to our chat, it's chat.freenode.net:6667/##dancemusic

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