ShoutDRIVE Studio

In 2016, we quite literally built our Los Angeles performance studio from nothing. We call this new home The Bunker because it's a private space... which lacks windows.

From there, ShoutDRIVE's live audio channel is mixed digitally and broadcast from a floor-to-ceiling rack of audio and video processing devices, and servers.

True to its name, The Bunker holds backup electricity, internet and servers- because s*** happens.

If you watch Service live on Sunday evenings, you're seeing The Bunker, and the fruits of our labor.

ShoutDRIVE's Los Angeles Studio
A behind the scenes look at a ShoutDRIVE videocast. Left: Cody Lee Williams, right: Mark "Ares" Mutti
This isn't just LA pride speaking but we believe Los Angeles is the Dance Music capitol of the world, so that's where we made our space

Special thanks to...

A guy named Phil - outstanding proprietary music scheduling and playout software written by a very humble genius
• Our sister organization - site, stream and video hosting
You - for supporting ShoutDRIVE since 2007!