Does the ShoutPlayer require Flash? [UPDATED]

We'll try to use HTML5 for audio first, and if your browser doesn't support it, we'll try to use Flash. Either way, the ShoutDRIVE Chat does require Flash. If you don't have Flash Player installed, please install Flash Player.

Chat: Why does my nickname change to iUserXXXXXX?

If you join the ShoutDRIVE Chat, your chat nickname will be automatically changed to iUser followed by some random digits if you try to use a nickname already registered by someone else.

Where does the (awesome) album artwork come from?

Most artwork is hand-selected by your ShoutDRIVE People and comes from ShoutDRIVE, and about 30% of it comes from

I need other help

Please email our Technical Manager: ares[at] for a quick response.