Ferry Corsten Hangs with ShoutDRIVE! (Audio Interview)

Ferry Corsten Hangs with ShoutDRIVE on SoundCloud

ShoutDRIVE sits down with Ferry Corsten, who shares some unique perspectives on dance music, talks about his heavily criticized track Check It Out, hints at his upcoming album, and oh so much more!

In the background is part of Ferry’s live set from just 30 minutes after our conversation, as recorded by ShoutDRIVE from the stage!

I wasn’t surprised when Ferry starting passing around shots of Jagermeister after our recorded convo. It just seemed to fit his cool, fun personality perfectly, and all bias aside, his set was my favorite out of everything I heard at Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas.) He blended many of his incredible classic hits with newer tracks, and the crowd went bananas!

If you get a chance to see Ferry, do it! Go!
Tour dates: http://www.ferrycorsten.com/web/index.php/tourdates.html

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Founder of ShoutDRIVE and wearer of many hats! I love dance music.
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